Why Your Upline MLM Leader Hates Online MLM Marketing

So what is it a about online marketing and lead generation that really tends to annoy upline leaders in the world of traditional network marketing.

I mean it seems kind of strange since learning a new skill like online marketing will ultimately make you a power recruiter capable of bringing multiple new team members to the table every month and that obviously will boost their check, so it should make them really excited.

So why do they fear and hate it?

There are actually some pretty good reasons.

Well to put it simply they fear “evolution”.

Well of course I am not talking about monkeys becoming men, but rather the natural evolution of your business model once someone becomes involved in the world of online marketing.

Especially when it involves “funded proposals” and affiliate marketing.

Maybe evolution is not the correct word here, it’s more like a shift in perception.

You see in the world of traditional MLM marketing we go out and spend our time branding the company, the “Mother Ship” so to speak, as the end all be all of all opportunities.

But is it really? Well maybe, or maybe not.

So let’s talk evolution.

Once a MLM’er becomes involved in online marketing they quickly learn that you don’t brand the company, or even lead with your company, rather you brand yourself.

So there is a major shift in focus away from your primary company.

Now the goals of your lead generation efforts is in fact the same, you want to sponsor people into your MLM,  but you lead with a marketing system as the front end product and market your MLM as a back end product once you have developed a relationship with your prospect.

Next you learn now to generate a cash flow from your lead generation efforts by exposing them to affiliate offers for marketing tools. 

So there you are after a month or so generating leads and your business is throwing off a cash flow, and you are now sponsoring more people into your primary MLM than you ever have before.

Now the real shift occurs, as you become more successful you begin to realize that it really not the company that is the golden opportunity but that the power is in your hands, its all in the lead generation.

Now the ultimate shift occurs because you are receiving checks from several companies each month and one day it just kind of hits you…… the ah ha moment!

You realize that your primary mlm is really nothing more than another affiliate income stream, that you now measure by an entirely different yardstick.

The spell is broken…..

You see in the past all the power was vested in the company, we were simply the messenger and our mission was to spread the word.

Once you realize that the power is in your ability to bring leads and recruits to the table and put them in any deal you choose…..

Well lets just say it’s a sobering moment.

So now you know why your upline hates online marketing, it removes the spell of power from their control.

It gets worse, you are no longer a mindless foot soldier, you are now a leader who measures the company by a different yardstick. 

Remember the power is always in the marketing.

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