Talk Fusion Review - Is TalkFusion For Real?

Can this new MLM, Talk Fusion with its exciting video e mail product really be the next big one?

I mean video is popular right?

Take a look around and you will see that video is everywhere on the internet.

So if video is so popular what about video e mail, that should be a killer product right?

Well maybe or maybe not.

Well TalkFusion is betting on it.

I decided to do this TalkFusion review because of all the activity Talk Fusion has been getting recently. I mean there is a genuine excitement in the MLM industry about Talk Fusion and the new product offerings.

Now video e mail is not exactly a new product, it’s been around for at least 10 years and even Microsoft developed a free plugin for Outlook 2003 that gave you free video e mail and Comcast has had a free video e mail service since probably 2007?

Talk Fusion is one more in a long line of  MLM companies who have tried to bring the concept of video e mail to the masses.

None of them have actually pulled it off so what makes TalkFusion think it can?

I think the problem is a very basic one, it’s one of those products that look great and everyone thinks it’s a great idea but when you actually sit down to have to record a video e mail you, they suddenly  realize it’s a lot of work.

You start to feel like an actor on “Take 5” before you can get it to come out right.

So I think what has happed to most of the video e mail companies is that they get a lot of sign ups and then no one uses the product and then of course they drop out.

Now I will point out that the market may have changed.

People may be getting more relaxed at the prospect of doing a video and sending it out.

I mean look at all the totally lame videos on sites like YouTube.

If it’s true that the public perception has changed then perhaps a video e mail company may actually hit the big time this time.

Here are some basics on Talk Fusion:

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007, by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s Founder and CEO.

Talk Fusion Products Include Video based products including: e mail, conferencing, meeting broadcasts, social networking, and auto responders.

The Talk Fusion Compensation plan

This is a basic Binary pay plan with of course a bonus pool to sweeten the pot but the real sizzle for reps is that Talk Fusion actually pay commissions daily.

If you are into technology and like the glamour of a video based product then Talk Fusion may be for you.

Keep in mind that there are some potential problems long term with technology type products in MLM and so you need to use a high volume recruiting approach.

Personally this is not my type of deal but if I was going to build Talk Fusion, I would use online marketing to quickly build group dynamics by bringing about 10 new reps a month into TalkFusion.




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