NuSkin Review - Can Nu Skin Create Success again?

So what is up these days with NuSkin? It seems that I am always running into excited Nu Skin reps on Facebook posting endless pictures of the latest Utah leadership event or YouTube videos of Dr Joe touting the latest skin care technology.

Now I had previously done an in depth NuSkin Review about a year ago but I guess it’s time to take a fresh look.

Is NuSkin, who is well over 20 years old and not exactly a new deal in any sense actually growing or is it just an illusion.

I guess the reason I have so many Facebook friends who are NuSkin distributors is that I let them in, or rather I let a  few old NuSkin friends in an then the network flood just followed them in the door.

Nu Skin was actually my first Network Marketing company, and my indoctrination into the world of Network Marketing and the huge incomes that can be generated with the magic of compound leverage.

I had joined NuSkin 23 years ago after I watched my real estate empire crumble in the economic downturn of the 1980’s.

I had struggled in NuSkin for several months and then I had learned the magic of high volume lead generation and that opened the door of success.

I hit over a million dollars a year in income with NuSkin by my 3rd year.

I worked with Nu Skin for over 17 years and so I know and respect them, they are a class act and very smart marketers.

Now just so you don’t think that this is a NuSkin commercial by a biased writer, I will tell you that I had finally retired from Nu Skin in the late 1990’s and sold my distributorship to pursue other ventures, and today have no involvement of any kind with the company.

Now the reason I left had nothing to do with begin dissatisfied or unhappy with NuSkin, but rather a difference in business philosophy.

You see I believe that in the world of traditional MLM (as opposed to Top Tier MLM) where downline duplication is so critical to your success, you have to be able to rely on company growth dynamics to power the rapid growth of your group.

Early stage companies that hit the mark have that growth, but once a company hits a certain size let’s face it you just can’t keep growing straight up forever at the same rate.

Later stage Network Marketing companies tend to plateau and their growth stabilizes usually at about a billion dollars a year in US sales.

Now that does not mean there is no opportunity there, it just means it harder and harder to hit the huge incomes that the early stage guys all got the benefit of.

That was my dilemma, I did not feel comfortable bringing in new reps to a huge company like NuSkin and telling them they could do what I had done when I knew it was going to be a lot harder.

So the point of this review is simple. Is there any money left in the deal?

Can Nu Skin get you where you want to go?

Can you join a giant in the industry and still achieve financial freedom even without the explosive growth dynamics of a newer company?

Well Yes and No.

I think it depends on your financial goals.

If you are a hard worker and also willing to work smart, then I believe you can still make 5 figures a month within a few years with a company like NuSkin.

However I believe that getting to 6 figures a month is going to take a lot of luck.

The benefit of working with a company like Nu Skin, is that there is no question that they are a great company, will always develop innovative  new products, and that the checks will always be good.

One way of course to improve your success ratio is to push a much higher level of  sponsoring by using high volume lead generation approaches rather than rely on the standard friends and family approach that is the mainstay of most NuSkin leaders.

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