Kaching-Kaching Review Not Another E-Commerce MLM!

Kaching-Kaching well it’s an interesting name I will give you that.

Kaching Kaching kind of brings up a vision of a cash register ringing up a sale doesn’t it?

Well that’s exactly the image Robert McNulty the CEO of Kaching-Kaching Inc wanted you to think of when he founded this company.

Robert McNulty formally of Local Ad Link became an officer of Kaching Kaching Inc in April of 2010 and the launch of the company’s current business model was in late 2010.

The world of opportunity in the Network Marketing industry knows no product bounds, and there is not even a limit on the number of do-over’s you can have, as evidenced by Kaching-Kaching’s product focus.

Kaching Kaching is blasting headlong into the world of online E commerce with an MLM model, where hopeful distributors can own their own online shopping portal.

Now this is not a new concept.

I can’t even count or want to remember all the E commerce MLM business models I have seen over the last 10 years.

Also the big MLM Companies like Amway (Quixtar), NuSkin (Big Planet), and others, all have e-commerce divisions.

So we know this is a popular marketing concept to bring distributors into the fold, but the real question is can you actually make money doing it, and should you actually join Kaching-Kaching and bet your financial future on them?

So the basic business model with Kaching-Kaching is this.

Once you sign up you will have your own online mall with a lot of name brand stores where you will have the ability to generate profits of 2% to 10% of your customers purchases based on what type of product they buy.

You also will earn monthly binary commission bonuses on the monthly activity fees from people in your Kaching-Kaching downline, once you recruit and build a team.

In the overall scheme of things you will have to have a pretty large downline to really capitalize on the commissions on purchases and the only other source of revenue is the monthly fees distributors pay to be affiliated with Kaching-Kaching, and those are in the $20 to $99 per month range.

The challenge of the internet mall has always been trying to change a consumers buying habits and getting them to go to a particular store through an online mall interface rather than just going directly to the store.

Now it appears the way Kaching-Kaching plans to do this is to make it in a shopper’s best interest to go through the mall by getting them to sign up as a “shopper” under your distributorship and in doing so they get their own online mall interface with Kaching-Kaching for free.

So now they are getting a rebate for shopping through their store (they get 50% of the total commission and you get the other 50%).

Not a bad plan really.

Now the real question is should you jump on the bandwagon with Kaching-Kaching and start building your downline?

Well this is not a deal that I would ever do, but that is because I prefer other MLM business models, but if you like what you see and are excited about the prospect of getting a piece of  a well set up e commerce business model, then Kaching-Kaching may be your deal.

Just remember too many people treat MLM as a hobby and not a business. If you want to be successful, don’t leave your success to chance. Learn some basic marketing skills and draw up a realistic business plan that will give you access to enough leads to power your business on a daily basis.

Then Kaching-Kaching may become your favorite word!


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