Fortune Hi-Tech, hum… The Name Sounds Good but Is there more to Network Marketing?

Well I had been hearing a lot about Fortune Hi-Tech or Network Marketing for short over the last several months so I decided I better acquaint myself with this deal and see what all the Network Marketing fuss was about.

I pretty surprised when I found that Fortune Hi-Tech was not some new prelauch deal making its way into the world of MLM success, it turned out that Network Marketing was almost 10 years old!

Now I have been in the MLM industry for over 23 years and I have to tell you this kind of surprised me.

Usually companies in the world of Network Marketing make it or break it in their first few years, it’s unusual for a 10 year old deal like Network Marketing to become a hard charger.

So I was more than a little intrigued when I sat down to do my Network Marketing research.

Fortune Hi-Tech or Network Marketing for short was founded by Paul Orberson, in 2001 in Lexington, KY.

When I saw his name my brain started going into overdrive trying to remember where I had heard of him.

Then as I read on I saw the name of a company called Excel Telecommunications and it all snapped into place.

Paul Orberson was pretty much the top earner in a Huge MLM success story called Excel Telecommunications that was founded in 1988.

The deal had sent shock waves through the industry as they jumped into the deregulated phone service marketing with perfect timing and blasted up to over a billion dollars in revenue in about 8 years.

This rapid runup took a relative new comer into the world of MLM, Paul Orberson, and propelled him to stardom, where at one point supposedly earning up to a million dollars a month!

Yes I knew Excel pretty well, they were an unusual company that took a basic product with very little profitability, long distance phone service, and added some commission magic called a "coded bonus" comp plan and the rest was history.

As I kept looking I found that Paul Orberson had pretty much tried to re create that same synergy.

He had started an MLM company with a similar mix of products and had once again added the magic of the coded bonus comp plan.

The result was Fortune Hi-Tech which in today's market is going though some pretty nice growth.

Now we are going to talk more about the compensation plan in a minute because there are some things you should know, but first the basics.

The Fortune Hi-Tech Products cover the following product categories.

Network Marketing Health & Beauty Products

Network Marketing Services, Home security, Identity theft, water filters, and others

Network Marketing Entertainment Products, Dish Network Service and entertainment discounts, etc.

Network Marketing Communications Products, Long distance, wireless, high speed internet, etc

Now the major focus when you listed to the compensation plan video seems to focus on getting customers for their services however that is not where most of the money is generated.


Look, most telecom or tech service products do not have real high margins, so it’s kind of hard to use them to generate the huge commissions required to attract people into a MLM company.

Now of course over time even small residuals on the services if you have a group of 30,000 distributors is going to amount to some nice income but in the early days its nothing.

This is where the unusual comp plan came to the rescue.

Coded bonus comp plans are designed to take big chunks of money from the sign up package and filter them up through the organization so that some nice commissions can be generated.

The only problem with this can be a slowdown in company growth. When that happens a major source of revenue for the comp plan can drop quickly and if the small residuals on the product can’t carry it you can have problems.

So what does the future hold for Network Marketing?

Well it’s anybody's guess, however in today's market they are having some great growth and people are making money and happy.

I would never join Network Marketing since my preference is with a much different business model but that's just my personal preference. 

If you are going to join Network Marketing you need to use a build fast strategy that uses online marketing to generate sufficient lead flow to get you several signups a month.

Fortune Hi-Tech tends to want reps to use the friends and family approach but I really do not think that is your best bet in today's market.

For the complete story on Network Marketing Marketing-review-is-Network Marketing-a-scam-or-a-rocket-to-mlm-success


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